The Rationale Behind Jordan Peterson’s “Clean Your Room” Movement

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian psychologist who is becoming extremely popular among young people around the world. The struggling youth of the 21st Century seems to have found a Godfather who has solutions for their existential problems, which are the source of anxiety, depression, unexplainable internal voids, or, as Peterson would put it- Dragons. Jordan Peterson has over 300,000 YouTube subscribers. People raise millions for him online when the University of Toronto bars funding for his research. Students rally around him when he’s attacked by social justice warriors at different Canadian universities. His recent podcast with Joe Rogan was downloaded 2.8 billion times. As of June 11, Jordan Peterson’s videos hit 14 million views.

Jordan Peterson Explains The Clean Your Room Concept

Jordan Peterson Explains The Clean Your Room Concept

Posted by Wisdom Videos on Wednesday, June 14, 2017


And that number doesn’t include countless shot video clips made by Peterson’s fans and published on various YouTube channels.

What Clean Your Room Slogan Actually Means

Jordan Peterson has an obsession of telling his advising his students and followers about cleaning their room. Peterson’s message for Millennials? Clean your room. How young people can change the world? By starting to clean up their rooms. Cleaning Your Room is a theme you’ll find everything in Mr. Peterson’s video lectures, podcasts and writings.

Watch this video of Peterson explaining the importance of cleaning one’s room.

Why Cleaning Your Room is the Most Important Thing in Your Lif…

Why Cleaning Your Room is the Most Important Thing in Your Life Transformation Story

Posted by Wisdom Videos on Wednesday, June 14, 2017


There is a massive movement around the “Clean Your Room” slogan going on around the internet. Young people in their mid-twenties are posting how cleaning their room changed their lives.

Peterson’s emphasis on the importance of cleaning your room isn’t unfounded or an overkill.

Micromastery: The Key to Life Transformation

Robert Twigger recently wrote a post titled: For a satisfied life, become a god of small things. Twigger turned his life around by starting from small things. In his case, it was making a perfect omelet. Twigger spent hours learning how to make a fluffy omelet by extracting yolk from it. When Twigger was able to make the perfect omelet and impress his friends and family with this art, his self-esteem skyrocketed, and his brain released the happy hormones that are necessary to push us to achieve more in life. Twigger calls this art of motivation “micromastery”.

Clean Your Room Isn’t Just About Your Room, It’s About Your Whole Life

Clean Your Room is a symbolic representation of a bigger problem. Throughout our life span we tend to focus more on bigger goals, which are far off in the distant realms of the future. When we start our journey towards a goal, we are bound to come across failures initially. Our brain isn’t programmed to sustain failures for a longer period of time. We need some sort of results. When you start conquering your small dragons, and solving small, seemingly mundane problems, your subconscious programs you to keep moving.

Change Your Life By Starting from Small Things: Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson Explains How to Change Your Life By Starting from Small Things

Posted by Wisdom Videos on Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Our Mental Maps Reconfigure

I cleaned my room and sorted myself out? Ok, I can make a call to my mom and pay my bills on time as well. Having done that, I could register myself in that French language course I’ve been dreaming about. Ok, If I can learn a new language, I can definitely learn a new skill. And there goes your achievement graph, bursting through new highs.

The Clean Your Room is changing lives all around.



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